Casa Panamá


You will be able to caress a century-old wall inside your room, Spanish tiles of classic court, blocks in pure state, oiled oak with all its vein, pillars and beams of bare structure and glass that reflect the life. All our materials are authentic. All simple, stone, wood, ceramic, iron, concrete and glass, in a set of finishes and colors that will be your ally for enjoyment. As soon as you enter our universe, the relaxing sound of water will be your second self. The jingle of our sources will be your companion of readings and travels. In addition to that, the sound of the leaves in our garden will be the only purr you hear when you wake up. The nature of the country exposed in front of your window, set of sounds for your relaxation.


All this also has flavor. For breakfast, lunch and dinner we have the terrace around a dark pool, like a deep jungle pond, which will be a host. Tasting your favorite dishes in this environment of water and vegetation can not be less than a great pleasure. And of course each of our elements has its own aroma. The stone smells in time, nature to forest, water to life, crystal to ice and iron to forge. Visit us and let all your senses awaken.